Booze It!

Booze It!, originally uploaded by hugovk.

Another amazing application for S60 phones! (But not S60 3rd Ed.)

More info soon!

Gmail on Series 60

These settings work for sending on the Nokia 6680, but not receiving... I used to be able to receive as well, but at least sending works and means I can use the "Send as email" option in things like Lifeblog, and use Opera or the phone's built-in Web app to check received email at

Cyber phone 3650

Cyber phone 3650, originally uploaded by hugovk.

Thu 09/06/2005 12:28

Series 60 Big Clock

Big Clock

And here's a freeware big clock for your Series 60 phone :)

Morse Texter

After reading this and this and this I decided to knock up this dodgy prototype amazing application for S60 v2.x phones (but not v1.x or v3.x -- check your version here). Tap in some Morse code, and then send it as an SMS. Keys are:

  • 1, 4, 7, or * - Dot
  • 2, 5, 8, or 0 - Space
  • 3, 6, 9, or # - Dash
  • Left arrow - Dot
  • OK key - Space
  • Right arrow - Dash
  • C key - Delete last dot, dash or letter
  • Call/green key - Send as SMS

For a gap between letters, press space once. For a gap between words, press space a second time.

Here's the source, do whatever you want with it. Some ideas:

  • Add short and long key press handling on the OK key for dot and dash input, with proper timing to add character and word spaces
  • Centre the Morse characters and make them bigger/bolder
  • More ideas

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