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June 29, 2005


the tau or omega or alpha?

GMP tactical aid units have multi roles. They do crowed control, raids, assist in searches etc. They also do sweeps or areas were events will take place involving VIPs. They check piping, bins, sewers and phone boxes etc for anything that could cause harm. E.g. Bombs, detonators etc.

Thanks, anon!

How do i become a member of the tau?

TAU (Tactical Aid Unit) is the british version of the SWAT Team in the U.S

if i have got two tau vans an a police car outside my house an there are police going in an out of there house with blue plastic gloves on ...can i ask them whats going on???

Yes, feel free to ask them

does the tactical aid unit carry firarms?

what sad bastard has actual taken the time to put this on line???? alreet boyo


If you want to join GMP's TAU you need to apply to become a police officer. If succesful you'll do your 40 week training as part of a 2 year probation period. After that you can apply to join the TAU.

TAU isn't a swat team as such as that would be Special Weapons And Tactics. TAU do not carry any firearms other than CS spray (which is classed as a level 5 firearm under UK law), this means they do not carry guns like a SWAT team.

If you've ever watched a raid on a house, a public order incident at a football match or anything similar then the chances are that you've seen the TAU in action.

Just for information, GMP are currently recruiting police officers if anyone's interested in a great career and the possibility to join the TAU or other areas of policing. See http://www.gmp-recruitment.co.uk/officers_all.htm

(all comments here are my own and not that of any police force or organisation)

hi my name is ashley and i am 16 years old and i am leaving school this may and i am woundering how you get into this perfesion.

i am very good at running after people i also train hard at the gym and i would love this job i have always wanted to be a police officer and wound look foward from hearing from you

thanks A Partington

what qualifications are needed for the tactical aid unit

noobs i pwn u all everyday blad brap 123 i can count the bullet holes in ya canister me old bean.

The tactical aid unit are part of the police. So you have to join as a normal police officer. You do your 2 years probationary, then if you pass, apply to join the TAU. They are just a group in the police, like roads trafficing, and the firearms unit.

All you need is the qualifications to join the police, pass all the exams and the probationary. Feel free to apply to join a differnt branch off the police then.

hi my name is joshua gibson and i always like to do this as my job i am in yr 8 but we are doin are option and i was woundering what G.C.S.E i would need to this job i want to be in Tatical aid unit.

joshua gibson.


Members of this unit are routinely engaged on other police duties and are called upon as and when their specialist skills are required.

Presumably anyone wanting to join the Police would be well advised to learn to spell.

Other than that it's really just down to your ability to kill innocent newspaper vendors on their way home, then get away with it by appointing crooked coroners.

Can't any of you spell? Every blog has spelling mistakes! What did you all learn in school?

Informative post! I train hard in the gym, and I would love this job, I always wanted to be a policeman and wounded will pleased to hear from you.

Dude if you guys dont consider learning how to spell you seriously must consider another type of job (most likely mcdonalds) i would be so scared if any of you dumb arses were on my streets "protecting" me if you cant even spell the most simplest of words.

I've just always wanted to become a police officer but then I really love stopping fights for some unknown reason so I wouldn't mind becoming part of the TAU

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