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June 13, 2005


why would you use this and not the built in email app in the phone to send and recieve any email, let alone gmail?

hi hugo

i said yes to the lifeblog, but from what you described it is exactly that. it tracks it for the first one and then not any more. but i said yes to add to the main menu!! what now?

hi hugo
i love that hitmaps you have! it's excellent. i would love one for my blog and site, but how do you embed it into the tyepad page?

1. Gmail - I am using the internal app to send email, but haven't figured out how to receive using it yet...

2. Lifeblog - I'm not sure then. You could try the reinstall anyway with the latest app from the Nokia website.

3. Hitmaps - first, I'm not sure if they're opening new Hitmaps accounts. But to embed the html in TypePad (like I did for the Flickr thing & an invisible statcounter as well), create a Link TypeList and then put the html in the plain text field. Or something like that; see this TypePad tip:

i can send and receive with gmail on my 6680 with just one mailbox set up using ports 993/995 :)

Cheers Jay, that *sort of* works. With APOP off, it downloaded about 400 headers, but none newer than April... And if I try and retrieve new emails, or just connect, nothing new arrives... Maybe I need to mess with the POP setting on Gmail.

thanks man it's working well now i can sent mail using my phone
If not applicable user
go this web site and download Gmail software

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